I represent companies for sale and I have interesting acquisition opportunities for investors.

There are many companies for sale on the Internet, but they are not interesting. When the owner of a prosperous company with potential decides to sell, only a circle of serious and proven candidates will know. I represent the owner in the sale of the company and inform suitable interested parties about acquisition opportunities and companies for sale.

Chci dostávat informace o příležitostech

Jaké firmy zastupuji při prodeji


I am in contact with business owners in fields from agriculture, food, engineering, IT to the aerospace development.


Client companies have revenues from CZK 50 to 300 million and are profitable with EBITDA over CZK 10 million.

Information memorandum

I have prepared basic information about the company being sold for investors and their quick evaluation of the investment opportunity.

Due diligence

The owner is prepared in advance for the range of areas for economic, tax and personnel review by the investor’s representatives.


I represent owners who have realistic expectations of a selling price.


If the investor is very interested, I am looking for acquisition opportunities in specific fields to order.