The Importance of your external advisor

During the process of selling a company it is a key role of an external consultant to work in your best interests. We realise that, especially if you are selling your own family business which of course is always close to the heart, we are dealing with a variety of activities, processes and documents, probably for the first time in your life and some things will always be of a sensitive nature. During the realisation and completion of one life stage we evaluate our several years of effort. Professional external consultants are accustomed to activities such as this and deal with tens or hundreds of such acquisitions, mergers and sales. Although each of these are to some extent unique, they always have a number of common circumstances. An external consultant can identify such processes, describe and quantify the situation in a way you understand. Their role in the independent valuation of a company is indispensable. One such indisputable advantage is, that he can look at the company, which will be sold, with eyes of both the seller and especially future investor, see the situation from both perspectives and really think outside the box.

An important task of an external consultant is thorough guidance in preparing a company for sale, as well as search and identify a suitable range of potential candidates. Then usually have preliminary discussions with potential investors, so those who show a serious level of interest can imagine (what are you trying to say with imagine?) seller. The advisor would usually attend all meetings and inform the seller throughout the process from negotiating the terms of the transaction until the finalising of the contract document and the final signature.

Another key role of an external consultant is the independence that will allow him to stay during sensitive and what can be emotionally charged moments, so to speak, on top of other things as well as look for ways out of impasses in which when complex negotiations are happening can regularly occur.